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Hydraulic Filter – Return

Additional information

Velox Number


OEM Part Number

910544400, 9105444-00, 3EB-66-11711, 91275-13300, 2021933, 91375-03800, RP4127, 5638, 3EB-66-11711K

Product Type

filter, Filter


filter, Forklift


Hyster, Komatsu, Yale, Mitsubishi


FG30F13B, H1.75BX-A475R, FG30F13C, H3.00TX-B466R, GDP18AF-B812R, FG18-16, H2.00DX-A466R, FG20T-14 BX, FG18F25, H2.50TX-B466R, GLP25RH-A871R, GLP15AK-C812R, GLP20MX-D871R, GLP25RK-B871R, GDP20AF-B812R, FG20F17A, GDP15AK-C812R, GLP18AF-B812R, FG25-8, FG20-12, FG20-11, GDP20MX-D871R, GLP25MX-D871R, FD20F18A, FG15F25, GDP30MX-D871R, FD25-8, FG15-16, GLP18AK-C812R, FG15T-17 AX, FD18T-17 AX, H1.80TX-B475R, FD15-16, FD30T-14 BX, FD25-12, H1.80XT-D475R, GDP25MX-D871R, FD25-11, FG25-11, FD25T-14 BX, FG18F25A, FG25-12, H2.00XT-D466R, FD20-11, FD20-12, FD18-16, GDP30TH-A871R, GLP30MX-D871R, GDP18AK-C812R, GLP30TK-B871R, GLP30TH-A871R, GDP30TK-B871R, GLP15AF-B812R, H2.00TXS-B475R, H2.00TX-B466R, FG25F17A, H3.00DX-A466R, GDP20AK-C812R, FG20-8, GDP25RH-A871R, H2.50DX-A466R, GDP25RK-B871R, GLP20RH-A871R, FD25F18A, GLP20AF-B812R, GLP20RK-B871R, FG15F25A, H2.00BX-A475R, GLP20AK-C812R, H1.50BX-A475R, FD20-8, H2.50XT-D466R, FG18T-17 AX, H2.00XTS-D475R, FD15T-17 AX, FG25T-14 BX, GDP15AF-B812R, H3.00XT-D466R, GDP20RK-B871R, H1.50XT-D475R, FG30T-14 BX, H1.50TX-B475R, FD20T-14 BX, GDP20RH-A871R


4D92E, 492E, S4E, 4D94E, H20, H20II, 4G52, XA, 4D98E, 4G54, 4G33, K21, F2, H15, K25, 4TNE92, C240, 4TNE98, 5K, HA, 4D95S, FE